Zoe's Kitchen Copycat Braised White Beans Recipe

"Braised" White Beans - Zoe's Kitchen Copycat



Yield 2-3 servings


What you'll need (Serves 2 as generous sides in ramekins):


Prepare the ingredients:

Saute the aromatics

Cook the beans


Butter+Onions Med Heat Saute/Garlic + Rosemary 30s/Beans + Chicken Stock + Olive Oil simmer/S+P to taste/EVOO drizzle & serve


  • If you have the same experience I have with my beans, when the house is chilly the sauce in the bean can thicken up so you may have to scoop it out or just warm up the can in some hot water before opening.
  • Rinsing the beans removes a lot of the stuff that gives you gas when you eat beans so get rid of it (for everyone's sake)
  • This dish thickens up relatively quickly, so if you need more time keep a little extra stock on hand to slowly add if it starts to get too thick or dry. 

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