New Years Inspiration: Annalisa Paddon

New Years is the time that most people make resolutions and sacrifices in order to achieve goals that they set out for themselves. It’s a common meme or joke that people usually fail at these goals – and let’s be honest, it’s human nature to resist change… AND entropy is, like, the second law and all.

But it doesn’t have to be this way. There are lots of amazing people who make resolutions and goals and ACHIEVE them! To help motivate you to reach your goals this year, I am going to feature articles this month from men and women who have achieved awesome things by their own hard work and gumption. These people weren’t especially gifted before they set out on these paths – they are normal people just like you and me. I hope that they serve as an inspiration for you to achieve whatever your goals are this year – and while you are at it why don’t you share them with us (before you navigate away to the story). Lots of love and best wishes for a prosperous and successful New Year!

Annalisa’s Story

1 Year, 365 Days, A New Me! Annalisa’s Amazing Transformation

A year ago I started on this a new chapter in my life. This is a little about my story.

January of 2013 I was 23 years old, miserable and overweight. I decided it was time for a change, I decided I would spend 2013 finding myself, physically, spiritually and mentally. To really understand what this last year has meant to me you have to understand a little of my past and the struggle I’ve had since I was a child being overweight.

I am the youngest of 4 and I have two amazing, smart and beautiful older sisters. As girls we all struggled with our weight and our self-image over the years. But I was always the “fat sister”, that wasn’t how others defined me (although we live in a world based on image so I’m sure many did) that was how I defined myself. Being the youngest meant I received my older sister’s hand me downs and that never bothered me, in fact because I adored my older sisters (well most of the time anyway), I loved getting their clothes. But as I got older I started realizing that I didn’t always fit into the hand me downs; at least not the way my older sisters did. I think one of the most profound moments in my childhood was when I was at the mall with my mom, sisters & grandmother and as all parents/grandparents do they were trying to get us into matching outfits. My mom picked out these bright colored jeans that she thought would just look adorable on “us” we went to the fitting room and the biggest size didn’t fit me, not only did I not fit in the same size as my sister, but I didn’t even fit into the same clothes section as her.

From that moment on food became my muse. My body image continued to plummet and with it my self-esteem and my self-worth. As I got into high school my weight continued to define my actions; I began dating guys and staying with them despite knowing they were liars, cheaters or in many cases both because I strongly believed that was as good as I would ever get. This added to an even lower self-esteem and more weight issues. Like all girls I would try new fab diets, they would all fail and I’d end up in most cases heavier than I was when I started. A couple of years ago one of my best friends and I went on a strict diet and workout routine.

We lost weight and were seeing results, but we got discouraged and packed all the weight we lost back on plus some. And although that particular plan didn’t work for us it did help me get started on the right path. I found that I liked working out and I liked being challenged; I started finding different workout routines and would see some results but I would never commit to the healthy lifestyle. I’d either eat decent or I’d work out. After years of the back and forth with my weight I wanted to find out who I was when my weight didn’t define me. I wanted to lose the weight for me, not because of the guy I was dating, not because my family wanted me to but because I wanted the change. So my New Year’s Resolution was to get in shape. I gave myself a few guidelines to follow, eat healthy, find a workout routine I love and focus on my spiritual growth.

Read about how Annalisa achieved her goals (including going from size 20 to size 8!) at 1 year, 365 Days, A New Me! 

Annalisa is a personal friend of mine and I cannot express how incredibly proud of her I am for setting a goal and sticking to it. This girl is ded-i-cated! We all went out for dinner a few nights ago and she ate on-diet Paleo food when everyone around her was ordering Pizza and avocado egg rolls (omg) and beer and all kinds of cheat goodies. She stayed strong and was a great example for doing what you say you will. I hope she will be just as much of an inspiration for you! While you are at it here’s one of my favorite food bloggers – Nom Nom Paleo with a January Jumpstart set of recipes! Enjoy :)

What goals did you set for yourself this New Year? Shout them out – telling others helps you keep them! Oh, and don’t forget to SUBSCRIBE


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    That is an amazing transformation, congratulations to your friend she looks fabulous! I’m trying to do the same this year – my goal is simple: lost 20 lbs and get my sleep disorder under control. So this month is not only my birthday month but I’m going to see a natruopathic physician to get some things under control naturally. I’m super excited! Hope you had a great holiday season and happy 2014 Adrianne! -Iva
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