Mulled Wine + Bourbon

Merry Christmas everyone!

The heater has been out at my house for the past three weeks due to a dumb thermostat dying followed by a “smart” thermostat being unable to correctly interface with my system… so needless to say it’s been a bit chilly lately!

To stave off imminent frostbite, we have been consuming much in the way of warm drinks, including hot tea and coffee. But sometimes you just need to mix it up a bit! Enter mulled wine –

Mulled Wine + Bourbon | Elements of Summer

This drink is both warming, delicious, and dead simple to make


Adrianne's left-brain is a graduate student in biomedical science but her right-brain enjoys creating and crafting and sharing it with the world! She's also a designer for Darby Smart and sells her jewelry at YIMI jewelry and Etsy!


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