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New year, new crafts! I received my For the Makers box on Friday (it seems to come around the 17th or 18th (based on an n=2) so I can appreciate the consistency of that) – until I got the notification of what the box was going to be, I almost expected the box to be sparkly and really “New Years-y” but I was pleasantly surprised.

January For the Makers Review | Elements of Summer

Unboxing my January kit was very exciting!

FTM has clearly changed up their packaging (probably in favor of less expensive stuff) but honestly I didn’t mind. I have a billion boxes it seems so I really don’t need anymore. They included this stamped cotton drawstring bag which I was able to store all the components conveniently. I prefer this storage method because when not in use the bags are so much smaller AND can be used for other things as well.

As usual the box included materials to make 4 different crafts, and as I had already scoped out the tutorials a few days in advance I had a good idea of the time requirement for each of them.

The Crafts


Every month the kit comes with this hand-drawn print of the items you will be making created by Evie Shaffer

We were going to a movie at 7:00 on Friday night so I didn’t have time for one of the more complex crafts – so I decided to make the Sonoran Stone bracelet.

Sonoran Stone Bracelet (For The Makers) | Elements of Summer

Laying out the stones to create my pattern was a must

 The part that took the longest was actually laying out the stones in the pattern that I wanted (asymmetrical but not completely unbalanced) and once I was satisfied with that I strung them on the elastic cord, tied a knot, and had an awesome new accessory to wear to the movie that night! I was actually really impressed with the elastic cord – definitely not the stuff I can find at my local craft supply, but then maybe I just choose the wrong kind or something. I loved the mix of semi-precious stones, glass beads, and silver tubes and rings. I think it made for a really nice bracelet and my husband even said it was “one of the nicest things you’ve made so far” (he’s not one for extravagant compliments..).

The finished bracelet was very pretty!

The finished bracelet was very pretty! Just the right amount of sparkle.

I started the Verde River necklace the next morning – but sadly my pliers were NOT up to the task of closing the cord connectors (I have these teeny tiny ones that I bought when I was first starting with jewelry and wasn’t sure if I would stick with it, because.. well… that’s kind of my M.O.) so I need to obtain a real, adult size set of pliers to complete this project. I’ll most likely Insta the results (instead of a full blog post), so if you aren’t following me there you totally should. That’s also where I sneak peek new projects so yet another reason you should follow me!

I don’t have the rolling-pin and a good bowl to use as a mold to complete the Marbled Mojave Bowl, so that is going to have to wait until I make a run to Ross or Marshalls – Whimseybox sent me a bowl project last month as well (air clay with a doily) so I’ve used this time to decide what I’m going to use the bowls for. I’ve also considered using the Marbled Mojave for a pencil/pen holder for my desk at work, but I haven’t decided on a shape yet.

Future DIY Tutorial Alert:

The final project of this box is the Nightfall Notebook Cover – which is really cute! But, sadly, I rarely carry paper notebooks and when I do it is typically spiraled and wouldn’t work for this project. FORTUNATELY, I have an iPad mini, which fits the dimensions of the faux leather they sent perfectly! I’m currently in the process of turning the materials into a pretty wool-felt lined leather sleeve for the iPad mini, and will post my DIY process here when I’m done!

I had noticed that they switched to faux leather this month – either due to vegan customer requests or cost constraints – either of which or both could be true and are reasonable from the perspective of the business. I do wish that it was a nice supple real leather though, not being a vegan myself and l.o.v.i.n.g. a good leather. Oh well, can’t have everything I suppose.

The Verdict

With my Birchbox posts I typically give you a breakdown of the cost of the box versus the value of the supplies – but that is much more difficult to do with this kind of box, and really isn’t the point. As I personally know a bit about wholesale pricing of a lot of these supplies, I could estimate, however I know the creative ladies running For the Makers were professional designers for top companies (Anthropologie, Kate Spade, Marc Jacobs) and they probably utilize a different set of vendors than I’m even aware of at this time. A better reading would be do I think that this box was worth the $29 cost – and the answer is unequivocally yes!

Do you receive any crafting/DIY kits? Have you ever considered signing up for one? Join the conversation below!


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