DIY Leather + Chain Bracelet

After making my braided paracord + chain necklace (which received mixed reviews from friends and family but still keeps getting favorited on Whimseybox so I’ll count it as a win) I had about a foot or so of chain left over – too short for a necklace but was just right for the super cute leather and chain bracelets I had been seeing around the interwebs. After a quick trip to Hobby Lobby I also had the leather cord and proceeded to making!


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Supplies Needed:


What to do

  1. Wrap the chain around your wrist to get an idea of how long you should cut each section. For me this was about six inches. Remember that the loop at the end adds approximately 1 inch to the final product.
  2. Use your flush cutters to snip the links to create 2 segments of chain. If you are using a heavy weight chain try cutting at the spot where the link is open and keep wiggling until it opens enough to slip off. It pays to have a decent pair of cutters when working with heavy chain (as opposed to lighter jewelry wire) because it can be difficult to cut with a crappy pair!
  3. Cut a length of suede cord over 3 times the length of one segment of chain (you can always trim excess later but don’t want to run out!)
  4. Create a loop at one end (I looped it around my finger) and tie a knot to secure it.
  5. Secure the cord to the clipboard with the binder clip (I used the binder clip to keep from putting a sharp crease from the clip at the end of the board but you could also use that and just put some paper towels or something between the clip and the leather.)
  6. Thread the free end of the cord through the first link on each chain and tie another knot to secure.
  7. Hold the two chains (2 chainz heh heh) side by side and begin looping the cord through the links – come up from the back on one side and down through the front on the other. Do this until you reach the end links.
  8. Tie another little knot at the end of the chain to secure them together.
  9. Create a knob in your excess suede by tieing a couple of knots right on top of each other. This will be the other half of your closure. Two or three knots should be sufficient – check it against the loop – it should go through but catch the loop so it stays closed.

DIY Leather + Chain Bracelet | Elements of Summer

That’s it! Wear it and be the envy of all your friends. Experiment with different chains and suede colors!

DIY Leather + Chain Bracelet | Elements of SummerIf you make one of your own, share the photo with me on instagram, post it to the Facebook Page, or link to your own blog post in the comments below.


Adrianne's left-brain is a graduate student in biomedical science but her right-brain enjoys creating and crafting and sharing it with the world! She's also a Whimseybox Influencer and a designer for Darby Smart!


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