Buckwheat and Flax Pancakes with Strawberries

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A few years ago I lived in DC as an intern, and there was this farmer’s market that had a breakfast on weekends that you literally would stand in line for over an hour for. One of their most popular items were these buckwheat blueberry pancakes, and they were worth every minute. I replaced the blueberries with strawberries for two reasons – HEB was out of blueberries that day, and strawberries were like $1.50 a pound. Done.

I’m not going to lie, this whole recipe was inspired by the fact that I wanted to use both of the gifts I got from my husband for my birthday – an OXO kitchen scale and a KitchenAid Stand Mixer! We have been talking and dreaming about getting that mixer for years but they are so expensive that it has just seemed like a luxury we decided to hold off on. Plus no one bought it for us for our wedding. Luckily for me (us), Abe saw a deal on slickdeals.net a few weeks ago that cut the price down to $143 + tax!

Behold the majesty

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In addition to the stand mixer and kitchen scale, there was another new addition to the family this weekend – meet our new buddy, Dobby!


He was a rescue by kind soul at my work, found him on the side of the highway – cleaned him up, took him to the vet (no, he wasn’t microchipped or tagged) and got all his shots, and fostered him for two months. He’s a terrier mix, and only a little bigger than Marty – not to mention his name totally fits with our dog naming theme (he came with the name actually). We are excited to welcome him to the clan! Now, we just need to get him a haircut. And a scarf. Dogs love scarves. Anywho… back to the recipe.

Buckwheat and Flax Pancakes with Strawberries

(adapted from The Pure Pantry recipe on back of the bag)

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  1. Add the Whipping Cream and Vanilla stevia to the mixer first to make fresh whipped cream. Start the mixer on the lowest speed with the wire whip and slowly ramp up to 10. Whip until stiff peaks form (meaning the peaks don’t droop and it.. well, it looks like whipped cream! Remove it to a separate container and stick in the fridge until you’re ready to serve.
  2. Place the now clean mixing bowl on the scale and zero it out. Add 170 g of Buckwheat Flax Baking Mix to the bowl (or use cup measurements if you don’t have a scale). Zero out again and add 375 g of Vanilla Almond Coconut Milk.
  3. Add the coconut oil and honey to the mix before returning to the mixer. Switch the wire whip for the beater and beat on a medium speed (4-6) until well incorporated. Remove bowl from stand.
  4. Fold the diced strawberries into the batter with a spatula or large spoon. The mix will be a dark brown or purplish color unlike traditional pancake batter.
  5. Heat a greased pan (I used a bit more coconut oil, but you could also use butter/ghee) over medium low heat.
  6. Using a 1/4 measuring cup, ladle out individual pancakes. My 12″ nonstick could handle 3 pancakes at a time.
  7. Cook the pancakes until the edges firm up and have lots of little bubble holes and the center of the pancake has lots of bubbles that formed and burst. This is the step where it is easy to flip too soon, and the top will still be really runny and it makes a mess. I left them for a couple of minutes towards the end and they flipped like pros!
  8. Flip and cook until the bottoms are browned (about 1 minute, depends on your stove though so check). Remove to a plate.
  9. Top the pancake stacks with more diced strawberries, a dollop of fresh whipped cream, and a drizzle of local honey!

Well, I hope you enjoy these tasty (and gluten-free) goodies!


Adrianne's left-brain is a graduate student in biomedical science but her right-brain enjoys creating and crafting and sharing it with the world! She's also a designer for Darby Smart and sells her jewelry at YIMI jewelry and Etsy!


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